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Get a Straight Man Sleeping With a Gay Guy Now!

To get a straight man sleeping with a gay guy is not at all impossible, just as you might be thinking.

First, I think that is your exact problem - you load yourself with too many negative thoughts, leaving very little space for an action plan that will actually help you nab a straight man into bed. Truth is, all emotions grow in size when practiced regularly. When you practice not getting a straight man sleeping with you, it happens undoubtedly, but otherwise, the possibility is the same and leave better results. The choice is always yours as always.

The sex is actually the end part, and everything that you do prior to that spells the outcome. Confidence is the key. When you have a can do attitude, you will be more relaxed in your approach, making it natural and not the bit awkward. You can now focus on creating the best atmosphere to get a straight man noticing all your good qualities aside from worrying to death what to say or what to do. When you doubt yourself, everything seems forced and no matter what you end up doing, it will appear odd because the energy you put into it is negative.

People normally gravitate towards others who are sure of themselves and know exactly what they want. There is no difference in trying to get a straight man sleeping with you. Show him that you are a cool person that is a lot of fun to be with and give him every reason there is why he would choose to spend time with you. When you are calm, collected, and your natural desirable self, the sex will come out eventually.

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The Right Way to Introduce Your Gay Self to a Straight Man

To introduce yourself to a straight man properly is the key to success. You might be the coolest gay guy around, the richest, even part sex god, but if you do not know the right way to break through, you are setting yourself up for a trip to nowhere.

However, doing these three things will do the trick of transforming your dwindling dating - and sex - life into a spring of straight man heaven:

1. Throw away all the lame pickup lines. If you plan to say "Why do I have a pierced tongue? You'll soon find out," to introduce yourself to a straight man, stock up on ice bags and pain relievers because you are sure to need those the next day. A simple "hi" will do, or better yet break through by asking him a question about something interesting going on around you.

2. Focus on the introduction per se. Stifle the urge to zero in on the sex. Doing so puts tremendous pressure on your shoulder, instead, focus on how you will be able to create an atmosphere that is fun, light, and interesting which will make the straight man you are after think you are a cool guy to hang out with, increasing your chances of future meet ups - where all the sex can happen - by a mile.

3. If you want to make him spend time with you, introduce yourself to a straight man by acting like a straight guy. When you go all out gay, he will instantly think you are trying to pick him up which is like pushing a panic button on his head. Acting like a normal, cool guy is the best way to go if you want to get him talking to you.

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Gay Chat - A Way to Communicate to Your Male Friends

The term gay or you may say homosexual, means recognizing same sex relationships, primarily to refer to feelings of being "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy". It had also come to acquire some connotations of "immorality" as early as 1637. Nowadays same sex marriage between males (also called gay marriage) is become legally or socially recognized.

Gay chat is the way to meet and interact with the people of same sex (male) all around the world. It is the place where you may chat with the people of your own interest having a sexual attraction of people of the same sex. You can chat with hundreds of gay callers online by simply logging on into the chat rooms where many of them will be local to you. This facility provides chat as well as dating services across the whole world. It is a kind of network where you may find lots of people of your own interest and much more stuff related to your keen interest.

It is a community of mutual respect where there is a private gay chat room where you can get private messages and keeping your account secret and finding perfect date, which is a very daunting task, especially when you are stepping out for the first time.

Meeting someone new is never easy, let alone dating them by simply making the benefit of having chat with the persons of your interest. Gay chat rooms set a standard that will keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable. It is a very beneficial tool for the persons who are looking for a perfect match for them. One can start private chats or just be a part of the big room where you may meet various kinds of people and select the best one of your own interest by chatting with them.

All and all Gay Chat is a place where you find a large number of gays from all the locations around the world. So feel free to invite anyone to chat using a very strong communication known as "Gay Chat".

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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Best Lesbian Date Ideas

So maybe you've scouted some of the best online lesbian classifieds and you clicked with somebody in your area. Awesome! Now you are ready to go on your first official date. Whether you have met up with your new gal pal beforehand - a quick coffee on a lunch break or a group setting with friends - you know the actual intimate date setting is going to be less casual and the perfect opportunity to get to know your new friend...or girlfriend.

So, what do you do? If you've been out of the dating game for a while, you may feel pressured to spend big to impress, or else worry about whether to go Dutch, try a fancy place, or cut to the chase and suggest a cozy private soiree. First thing you should do is take a deep breath, then open the lines of communication with your lady to determine the best first night together.

If nerves get the best of you, a movie date could be the ticket, no pun intended. It is an activity that allows you to maintain a closeness with your date, but the pressure to keep conversation is taken over as you direct your attention to the film. Afterward, you can discuss the film over coffee and dessert and segue into more meaningful talk.

For a whimsical evening, try an activity like roller skating or dinner at an adult entertainment complex like Dave and Buster's. You can determine your compatibility and friendly competitive nature over air hockey or video games. Such places provide an exciting atmosphere that helps break the ice.

If you think your new partner will prefer something quieter, check into special events at local museums or galleries. Many offer free admission, so you won't have to worry about spending too much to impress. Plus, it saves money for the next date.

Whatever you decide to do for your first lesbian date, have fun and be yourself. Act naturally, and you may not need to worry about checking the lesbian personals again.

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Tips For Gays to Have Your Straight Dude Asking For More!

The difference between pros and amateur gays is more than the techniques to lure straight guys in, but in the outcome of the first encounter - if you are a pro, you have your straight dude asking for more, otherwise, he runs as fast as he can, never to return.

The secret to have your straight dude asking for more is in the way you manage your approach. While amateur gays need to result to alcohol and drugs, pros seduce their guy successfully, leaving him intrigued and hungry for more.

It is spelled in the approach - aggressiveness and desperation will lead you nowhere, but when you take things slow in a relaxed, calculated move, you manage a catch somewhere near eight inches.

Keep him hooked by having him guessing of your intention. While you come to him all nice and friendly, do not blow the secret that you are there to pick him up. Keep you advance neutral, light, and interesting, which means "Do you give head to strangers? No? Then let me introduce myself," is not exactly the most ideal thing to say.

When you take it slow and focus less on the sex, you are able to create an atmosphere where your straight dude feels comfortable and sees you less as a threat where he is more likely to open up to you. The moment he lets you in on his space, you will now be able to read him, and predict his openness to the possibility of sensual wrestling with another man in bed.

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Communication is the Foundation Stone to Any Relationship

Hi, This is not the easiest subject to talk about and I know it is not the easiest subject for me. My wife and I got married a few years ago and all was fine really. We love each other very strongly. One day I told her that I was actually gay. This sounds very blase but it is a very long story. Basically I have had suppressed sexual feeling for men all my life but I had always suppressed them to the point of not even thinking about it. One day last year it came up in conversation and I admitted that I liked men. We talked about this for many weeks and I finally admitted the truth to her and to myself. We went through a whole lot of emotions and even talked about separating if I needed to be with a man. I became for the first time in my life totally honest with another human being.

My point is that for the first time I communicated fully and openly with her in our relationship. I should have talked about my feelings before we got married but I did not really realise that I was gay. It was so suppressed in my mind that it became hidden from view and thought. If we had talked about it back then we would probably not have got married but talking about it has helped me come to terms with being gay. It is our communication with each other now that has kept it a level that can be coped with by both of us. We have a very deep love for each other that means we do not need the sexual side of our relationship.

It works for us and it is the constant communication and honesty that enables us to deal with things as they come along and it is this openness and honesty that is the fundamental foundation stone to our relationship. Indeed we have actually come through this testing and upsetting period with a deeper understanding of each other and a much valued respect for each other. We are actually a lot closer than we had been before.

I wish I had admitted this to myself and to my wife a lot earlier. Talking and fully understanding your partner is so absolutely vital to the health of any relationship. Communication is the key.

I am just an ordinary man with a newly found self awareness of himself and his wife. I would seriously commend to anyone to communicate fully with their partner even if it is not going to be easy. Openness and frank honesty make for a very freeing relationship and may even bring you closer together as it has for my wife and I.


Scott Allen Davidson

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The Gay's Ultimate Straight Man Hunting Skills

Straight man hunting skills is a relative thing - some work and others do not, therefore to have the right set that will help you pick the man you want is a must.

A straight man is like any other prey you need to stalk. Do not pounce immediately and make a mental note to observe your straight man - how he behaves with other men and which things and topics interest him, and integrate all of them into your approach.

Set up your trap. Make your presence known in a way that your target becomes aware that you are noticing. Establish eye contact - a light, neutral one, subtly sensual that tells him that you are noticing. Do not look like you want to rip his clothes off and have him take you on the table. Piling up the sexual overtones is a definite turn off.

The best straight man hunting skill is a surprise take. Naturally, if he notices outright that you are there to pick him up, he would fend off, but if you come across as any normal guy, looking for some small talk, he will not be threatened by you and the chances of him opening up increases. Act like a typical guy out for a couple of beers. It is always a plus to have him on his toes and guessing about your ulterior motive - intrigue is attractive, and remember, "Curiosity killed the cat."

Touch him. See how he reacts to man to man skin contact. Does he flinch? Does he like it? Throw him light touches on the arms or on the shoulder. Bring up the topic of sex - with girls. Get him in the mood for sex using his usual, comfortable ground, and then slowly bring up the idea to sexual fantasies he might have and make them come true.

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