Friday, November 5, 2010

Lesbian Dating Sites - What's a Girl to Do?

Dating in today's busy climate is difficult enough, but add to that the challenges of meeting quality lesbian candidates? First, we have to identify women interested in dating other women! The comeback of rainbow accessories in the trendy partying scenes means we can't just look for the colors on a woman and assume she's a lesbian. Second, who wants drama?! Sure, they can be sexy and sweet, but no one comes with a resume that lists "drama queen" as a profession. Yet we've all dated at least one! And finally, all U-haul jokes aside, lesbians do have a tendency to want spend a lot of time together from the beginning and with busy work, school and family schedules, there can be a lot of pressure to "make up your mind" regarding a relationship. Lesbian online dating sites can offer a viable solution by providing the opportunity to meet ladies that you wouldn't ordinarily run into on a daily basis, to closely evaluate them from a distance, and get to know them in a low pressure online environment.

How many times have you walked into a coffee shop or been browsing a bookstore and wondered, "That lady is hot! I wonder if she's lesbian." Then you do the scan: fingernails, comfortable shoes, jewelry, tattoos... Lesbian online dating sites take the wondering out of the equation and thereby the potential embarrassment of coming to the wrong conclusion.

Remember that beautiful girl you met near the university? Smart and sexy, she could be the "one"! Then five minutes into that five course meal, you realize the ex (now her best friend!), her obsession with her weight, and her jealous certainty that the server is hitting on you all come with the package. Too late to run now! Lesbian dating sites can help weed out the drama by giving you the opportunity to read someone's profile before even connecting with them and identify potential red-flags (ie. "looking for the one who will finally understand how difficult my life is" or "I'm a great person, but nobody seems to stick around").

With divorce rates over 50% in the heterosexual marriage world, lesbian relationships often experience similar rates of breakups. But with hectic lives, how do we navigate the tendency to move right into a relationship when there is pressure to decide so quickly whether or not this is the right lady for you after a couple quick coffee dates and some late night conversations? Lesbian dating sites provide an online environment, where physical attraction can be set aside in favor of actually getting to know one another.

Using the messaging systems built into lesbian dating sites provides the opportunity to communicate about important issues such as lifestyle decisions, education and career plans, ideas about family and most importantly, values!

So save yourself the embarrassment, the drama and the heart ache by actually getting to know some beautiful women before settling into domestic bliss! Take advantage of lesbian online dating sites and meet Ms. Right today!

Khali Zeran is the author of various online dating articles and web sites.

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