Monday, November 8, 2010

Tips For Gays to Have Your Straight Dude Asking For More!

The difference between pros and amateur gays is more than the techniques to lure straight guys in, but in the outcome of the first encounter - if you are a pro, you have your straight dude asking for more, otherwise, he runs as fast as he can, never to return.

The secret to have your straight dude asking for more is in the way you manage your approach. While amateur gays need to result to alcohol and drugs, pros seduce their guy successfully, leaving him intrigued and hungry for more.

It is spelled in the approach - aggressiveness and desperation will lead you nowhere, but when you take things slow in a relaxed, calculated move, you manage a catch somewhere near eight inches.

Keep him hooked by having him guessing of your intention. While you come to him all nice and friendly, do not blow the secret that you are there to pick him up. Keep you advance neutral, light, and interesting, which means "Do you give head to strangers? No? Then let me introduce myself," is not exactly the most ideal thing to say.

When you take it slow and focus less on the sex, you are able to create an atmosphere where your straight dude feels comfortable and sees you less as a threat where he is more likely to open up to you. The moment he lets you in on his space, you will now be able to read him, and predict his openness to the possibility of sensual wrestling with another man in bed.

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