Monday, November 8, 2010

The Gay's Ultimate Straight Man Hunting Skills

Straight man hunting skills is a relative thing - some work and others do not, therefore to have the right set that will help you pick the man you want is a must.

A straight man is like any other prey you need to stalk. Do not pounce immediately and make a mental note to observe your straight man - how he behaves with other men and which things and topics interest him, and integrate all of them into your approach.

Set up your trap. Make your presence known in a way that your target becomes aware that you are noticing. Establish eye contact - a light, neutral one, subtly sensual that tells him that you are noticing. Do not look like you want to rip his clothes off and have him take you on the table. Piling up the sexual overtones is a definite turn off.

The best straight man hunting skill is a surprise take. Naturally, if he notices outright that you are there to pick him up, he would fend off, but if you come across as any normal guy, looking for some small talk, he will not be threatened by you and the chances of him opening up increases. Act like a typical guy out for a couple of beers. It is always a plus to have him on his toes and guessing about your ulterior motive - intrigue is attractive, and remember, "Curiosity killed the cat."

Touch him. See how he reacts to man to man skin contact. Does he flinch? Does he like it? Throw him light touches on the arms or on the shoulder. Bring up the topic of sex - with girls. Get him in the mood for sex using his usual, comfortable ground, and then slowly bring up the idea to sexual fantasies he might have and make them come true.

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